5 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands to Rock Your Leggings!

5 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands to Rock Your Leggings!

They are one of the best. Slimming yet, stretchy yet fancy, for workouts, lounging, being a hot mess at Target, as well as looking classy. We should purchase leggings to celebrate.

  • Made by workers who are treated well.
  • are better for our amazing planet earth!

Here are a few ethical and eco-friendly clothing brands eco friendly yoga clothes that will help you look and feel amazing while giving back to the community.

Why Ethical and Eco-friendly Clothing?

The majority of our clothes are made by people who work all day, sleep on the floor of the factory, and are exposed to dangerous working conditions. I know you don’t want someone making stretchy pants for you to wear after a long day at work. I am with you.

Many of the garment factories push fast fashion, which causes an incomprehensible amount of waste. It takes 2,700 liters of water to make one shirt, which is enough for two and a half years.

The brands I have picked out for you are helping you get fun leggings to slay your workout in and promote the values you stand for.

If price is a concern to you, then check out local thrift stores, online secondhand stores like thredUP, and set up a clothing swap with friends and let them know what you are looking for. If you sign up for their mailing list, you can get a discount on your first order.

There are 5 ethical and eco-friendly clothing brands.

Girlfriend Collective

My girlfriend is wearing leggings. They have the perfect amount of compression for during and after a workout, and they are soft and flattering.

Source: Girlfriend Collective // http://www.girlfriend.com

Why I love Girlfriend

They are turning plastic waste into my favorite workout pants.

The process is cool. The center is owned by a Taiwanese family. After washing, heating, cooling, and magic, they turn the plastic into a soft fabric.

The Girlfriend Collective uses eco-friendly dyes and doesn’t allow the use of water in nearby rivers or streams. Once the Taiwanese EPA approves the water, it goes into a river. The paving stones are made from the dye mud.

Freakin. A.

They refuse child labor, provide lunch to workers, and start workers at 125% of the minimum wage.

If you’re interested in learning more about their processes and fabrics, read more about the company and other issues that they are working on.

Get Yours

I am excited that they just launched their site with a variety of colors, and I love this company and my leggings.

I am wearing mine in this Glute Exercises post.

Price Range: $58-$68

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Buy Here

Pact Organic

I just bought my first pair of Pact leggings, and so far they are amazing. They are comfortable and stretchy but still fit. Good for working out as well as using the internet. They would complement a long shirt or dress if you bend over. I haven’t had a chance to speak with them yet, but they seem great and are in a good price range.

Source: Pact Organic

About Pact

They use organic cotton which is better for the environment as well as the farmers. They use eco-friendly dyes and can’t use toxic metals in their clothes. Cotton farming uses less water and energy. Living wages and safe working conditions are guaranteed by it. Pact products are Fair Trade Certified to help empower families and workers throughout the supply chain and ensure they are treated and compensated fairly.

They have more than leggings, so you can get pants, hoodies, underwear, shirts, and more for men, women, and children. I just got black and my husband loves them. Pact will be buying from us in the future.

Get Yours

Price Range: $29.99-$34.99

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Four Athletics

I cannot buy another pair of leggings until I need them, so I am pretending to be a minimalist. I need to make her proud. Four athletics leggings are on my list when that day arrives. I am happy. I am excited to share my research with you.

These are currently being crowd-funded. They are an example of the fun, rotating styles. Four athletics has a collection of women

Four athletics leggings are made in the US and crowd-funded to eliminate waste. Even though you may have to wait on your order, slow fashion is better for the environment and people making your clothes. You can purchase at 40% below the retail price by crowd-funding. You get your money back if an item doesn’t get fully funded. Not into it? They have a collection that is always in stock for both men and women.

The crowd-funded leggings are bright and fun to wear. I realize that something made in the USA doesn’t mean it was ethically made. I spoke with someone from Four Athletics who said that their clothes are sewn in LA where they can personally oversee the working conditions.

Their supplier is certified for producing green textiles. They didn’t give the name of their supplier, but they are doing a lot to bring good jobs to America instead of using easy-to-access sweatshops overseas to save money, and they are taking great leaps to reduce waste!

Seriously, I want everything on their website!

Get Yours

Price Range: $58-$66

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I bought a pair and I love them.

Use alisonlora15 at checkout for a discount!

Greater Than Sports

My friend had leggings with mesh stripes. She told me that she loves them. I have added them to my list. The ethics and eco-friendly consciousness behind the brand is something that I love.

I am a black leggings kind of gal. You can get the mesh accents on these leggings in other colors as well. Greater Than Sports is a collection ofleggings.

Greater Than Sports makes your leggings after you place an order. They will make a video of you if you share your handle with them. How is that for openness? Each product is hand-made in upstate NY.

They offer more than just yoga pants for both men and women, with a wide variety of colors, styles, and lengths of leggings. Crop yoga pants and apex leggings are my top choices.

Get Yours

Price Range: $60-$85

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I have 3 pairs of GTS leggings and a crop top, and my favorites are the top.


Satva has a variety of patterns and colors and great sales. You can also buy bras and shorts, as well as children’s clothing.

They have many of the basics. Satva is on the Facebook page.

Their clothes are made from Organic cotton which is beneficial to the environment and the health of the farmers and garment workers. They are partnering with a company that helps support the economic development of impoverished farming communities while improving the environment. They use only eco-friendly dyes and do not use toxic waste or heavy metals.

Your leggings purchase helped fund the education of girls in local villages and provided livestock immunizations and medical care in rural Indian villages, after you worked out and looked strong in the mirror. You can read more about them here.

I know this is about leggings, but I love the Gia Joggers, they look like something I want to wear every day.

Get Yours

There are great clearance leggings for $20-ish.

Buy Here

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I collaborated with Satva and had a lot of things to say. The company is amazing.

Bonus Brand: Love This! By Sean Lambert

I met my husband’s cousin when I moved to Portland. He throws a killer backyard barbecue and is currently fueling my inspiration by stepping out and pursuing his dreams He is a talented artist who just produced his first clothing product, which was designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon. Buy his leggings and support small business.

He is so generous to Kyle and me in our new city that if you support him, you are indirectly buying me a drink.

They are bright, colorful and unique.

Credit: Sean Lambert: https://www.instagram.com/lambskins/?hl=en

Get Yours!

Price: $72 (+ free shipping)

You can send him a message about the pants on his artist account.

You can pay via his Venmo or through this link.

They are comfortable, and they make my butt look better than it does, so I am pretty happy about that.

You can check out his other designs here and follow him on social media.

Make A Difference

You can vote with your money if you buy awesome leggings.

This is a good place to start shopping ethically. There are no perfect companies. It can be difficult to find good research. I’m excited that you’re on this journey, no matter if you’ve never thought of it or you’re judging me for what I’m not.

Some of the choices listed here are investments. They are all high-quality and look better than Target leggings. Each brand mention has a mailing list that you can sign up for.

I encourage you to shop pre-loved clothing and research the ethical practices behind your favorite brands. Although I am not a fashion icon, I still buy most of my clothes used.

(No Really, You Can Make a Difference!)

Sometimes we feel so small that we can’t make a difference and other times we feel overwhelmed and powerless. It’s important to choose companies that care about the environment, give back to their communities and improve factory conditions. They can be made anywhere in the world. Living wages for people working in overseas factories can change a person’s life.

This post is not intended to make you feel guilty, stressed out or add to your plate. It is meant to highlight brands who are giving back and show you some hot leggings to put on your shopping cart.

Pick out a sweet new pair of leggings as your reward if you set some goals and put $10 away each week for them.

Get in Great Shape to Rock Your Leggings

I will help you look great in them. You can get online workouts, nutrition coaching, and accountability from The Fit Tutor. You can check the plan options.

It’s also an eco-friendly way to get in shape. Good choices, friend!

Membership Levels

I would love for you to share your favorite ethical workout attire in the comments, as this is not a comprehensive list.

This guide is for ethical athletic wear for women.

And thanks for sharing, friends!

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