OctaFX Deposit FAQ

OctaFX Deposit FAQ

How to make a Deposit in OctaFX

Initiating a Deposit

The first step isstep 1. Go to your Personal Area and deposit.

The Deposit button can be found at the top of the main menu on both mobile and desktop versions of the site.

The second step is Step 2. Make a deposit to the account you choose.

Then on choose your preferred transfer method

Depositing from your bank account

The first step isstep 1. If you see it, choose the Local Bank option.

The bank list you see depends on where you registered.

The second step is Step 2. Pick a template or deposit amount.

There are three steps in step 3. Pick your bank if you didn’t do that on Step 1

Step 4. Next on, follow the instructions.

There are three ways to make a wire transfer.

Via online banking:

You can open your online banking account. You can make a transfer to the credentials you will see on the deposit page.

Via ATM:

You can find an ATM near this location. You can make a deposit by going to the deposit page. The receipt is important.

At a bank branch:

You can go to your bank branch. You will see the credentials on the deposit page after the transfer is made. The receipt is important.

Please note:

You need to keep your credentials with you when you transfer.

The amount you specified should match the transfer amount.

There are 5 steps. Inform us after the transfer.

Press Notify Us after transfer.

You will be asked to fill out a form with the transfer amount, bank account number, and the date of transfer.

You can use the payment proof option to speed it up.

Finally, press Confirm Request.

Depositing Via Bitcoin

Step 1. Select Bitcoin.

The second step is Step 2. Make sure you don’t go over the maximum transfer limit.

There are three steps in step 3. Proceed with the payment.

Follow the instructions if you use the mobile version of the app.

If you’re on a mobile device, you can specify the transfer amount in the below address.

Good to know:

You need to add funds funded forex account to open a real account.

We don’t apply commission on deposits and withdrawals.

All fees applied by payment systems are covered by us.

The deposits can take up to three hours for certain methods.

There is a special page in your country where you can find all the details on the payment method.

OctaFX Deposit FAQ

The funds deposited will be credited to my account.

All requests are processed within a few hours. Immediate deposits are made with Skrill/Neteller/FasaPay.

What is the exchange rate forUSD toEUR when you deposit with a credit card?

We do everything we can to make sure our clients get the best rates. We do not charge commission or deposit and withdrawal fees. If your deposit is in a currency other than the US dollar, the bank involved in the process will convert your funds according to the exchange rate.

Additional fees may be charged by the bank involved in the transaction. If the client’s account is in the US, they don’t pay any extra fees. If the client’s trading account is in EUR, the deposit inUSD will be converted to the currency of their choice. If a client has a Skrill account, they will be able to convert their money intoUSD using their own exchange rate. The process of depositing is the same.

Is my money safe. Do you have separate accounts?

OctaFX uses separate accounts to keep customer funds separate from the companys balance sheets. Your funds are safe and untouched.

Do you charge any fees?

OctaFX doesn’t charge its clients anything. Third party deposit and withdrawal fees are covered by OctaFX. Fees can be applied in certain instances.

What is the maximum amount for withdrawals/ deposits?

You can withdraw or deposit as much as you want. The deposit and withdrawal amounts should not exceed free margin.

Can I deposit/withdraw several times a day?

There is no limit on the number of deposits and withdrawals OctaFX can handle. It is recommended to deposit and withdraw all of the funds at the same time to avoid delays.

Which of the following can I use to fund my account?

Deposits in all currency are accepted by OctaFX. Account currency can’t be changed to any other currency other than the US Dollar or the European Franc. You can always open a new account inUSD if your account is inEUR. We don’t charge commission for deposits or withdrawals, as well as keeping our conversion rates among the best in the industry.

Where can I review my deposit/withdrawal history?

All previous deposits can be found in the Personal Area. Under the section called “Deposit my account”, you can click on the deposits history. You can access your withdrawal history in your personal area.

Is it possible to transfer funds between my accounts?

You can make an internal transfer request in your personal area.

To view the menu, press. The Internal transfer section has a lot of information. The account you want to transfer funds from should be selected. The amount can be entered. You can choose the account you want to transfer the money to. You can enter your OctaFX password. Please submit your request. Check everything is correct and confirm the request.

Is internal transfer instant?

Unless there is a security reason, internal transfers will be processed automatically. In that case, your request will be processed within a few hours.

Is it possible to claim a deposit bonus on a transfer?

The Bonus can only be claimed on deposits.

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