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  • Tie-Dye Tutorial – How to Do a Monochrome Tie-Dye

    Tie-Dye Tutorial – How to Do a Monochrome Tie-Dye

    I don’t know about you, but I am loving seeing tie-dye pop up in my feed right now and I am excited that it is finally having its moment again! When I was in high school, I loved to tie-dye in all sorts of crazy colors. I still love a good tie-dye, but I find […]

  • DIY Tie-Dye Tip for Beginners

    DIY Tie-Dye Tip for Beginners

    Brooklyn-based artist Ruth Moskell, 31, says beginners shouldn’t be afraid to try tie-dye. The at- home color enthusiast, who teaches workshops at Artists & Fleas in Soho and sells her dyed wares on her online shop, PeterPiperBK, suggests that new colorists try the traditionalspiral design, a classic pattern that looks dramatic but is actually simple […]

  • Five Delicious, Semi-Healthy Sodas

    Five Delicious, Semi-Healthy Sodas

    When the weather warms up, I like to drink a good beer and eat some. When the weather cools down, I like a good beer or three. A fellah can only drink beer during the spring, summer and early fall. Sometimes we need a cool, tasty beverage without the ABV, whether we have a drive […]