The Best Keto Mug Bread You Can Make in 90 Seconds

The Best Keto Mug Bread You Can Make in 90 Seconds

You can make a mug bread in 90 seconds.

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Did you know you can make bread with a mug? There is a staple in the diet. It can be made in sandwiches or as a side for other recipes. Our secret ingredient is coconut flour or almond flour.

It would be impossible for me to be successful on the diet if it wasn’t for the convenience of mug bread. This 90-second mug bread makes it easy to swap your bread for a diet that is low in calories.

I have tried many different 90 second keto bread recipes and mixed and matched ingredients to find the perfect balance of taste, texture and cost. My secret ingredient is oats. It is perfect for biscuits and breakfast eggs more information because it is moist and bagel-like.

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Depending on the flavor I want, I use coconut flour or almond flour and either add heavy cream or sour cream to give it a different texture.

Coconut flour is cost-effectiveness. Almond flour is more absorbent than coconut flour so you will need less coconut flour to make your microwave bread. This will save you some calories since most of us are following a diet.

This recipe would make a great low-cholesterol biscuit. The bread is perfect for sop up gravy dishes. If you don’t add either of these ingredients, the bread will be too dry for consumption.

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Keto Mug Bread Recipe

The great thing about this microwave bread is that it is easy to modify. Butter, coconut oil, an egg, and baking powder are what the recipe calls for.

Outside of that, you can use coconut flour, almond flour, flaxseed meal or any combination of these flours to get the flavor you want.

I added cheese to the mixture and it turned out to be very firm.

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I use recipes like this to stay in ketosis and switch up my diet. I love the convenience of a slice of toast with my morning tea and I have found ways to make my favorite recipes low in calories.

It’s important to always test your level of ketones when trying new recipes as you never know what may knock you out of ketosis This post shows you how to test for ketosis. My favorite tests help me figure out what works best for me.

Try to find out if you have ketosis.

The main goal of the diet is to get into ketosis and stay there. Whenever I am knocked out of this state, I detail how I get into ketosis in this post. We need to remain in a state of ketosis in order to use fat as fuel.

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90 Sec Keto Bread

A quick microwave bread that is perfect for snacks and breakfast. The prep time was 5 minutes and the total time was 2 minutes.

  • 1 tbsp heavy cream

1 tsp baking powder

  • 1 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 tsp flaxseed meal

In a coffee mug, whisk together butter, egg, and heavy cream. Slowly add the remaining ingredients with a fork. For 90 seconds. Remove mug using a butter knife. Cut bread and toast. Coconut oil can be used without butter.

After removing my bread from the microwave, I toast it. If there are any parts on the bottom of the bread that are not cooked, this will help to complete the process.

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