Top 10 Dental Practice Websites

Top 10 Dental Practice Websites

Getting an advantage is important in the competition.

A well designed website is important for a successful business. The importance for dental practices is even higher. A long and prosperous relationship can start with a first impression.

There is no shortage of dentists in big cities. Getting an advantage is important in the competition. We discovered a clear opportunity after researching hundreds of different websites. Most dental practices did not use any kind of marketing services best website designer.

Most of the websites we looked at were not good. They used too much text, the navigation was difficult, and they felt like they were not professional. Dentists are not going for what they want.

We are looking at some dental practices that created brilliant websites to reflect their brand.

1. Zen Dental Studio

The website design of Zen Dental Studio was clean and minimal. Most generic dentist websites have too much space, but they haven’t. Simple navigation, a neutral color pallet and calls to action have been used.

2. Josh Berds, DDS & Associates

Josh Berds has a website. Their copy is easy to consume because of their high quality photography and attractive t-shirts. The layout sections are presented in order of importance. How to find them, what their services are, testimonials, and some more personal trust-building information are all included. A well thought out design.

3. Washington Park Square Dental

The website of Washington Park Square Dental is clean. The main informational theme is presented in each fold. The different sections of their design are highlighted by their color scheme.

4. London Smile

There is a bright pink color scheme. Two of their big services are shown in the hero section. Below the first fold, they show how much work experience they have accumulated. The design best practice is followed by this site.

5. Mid Wilshire Dentistry

Mid Wilshire Dentistry has full width background photography. The logo and navigation elements have animations. The site feels well polished and interactive.

6. JJ Teeth

There is a different approach to presenting information on the website. Video and images have been used in dental practices. There is a huge video playing in the background. The explainer video and interactive panels are further down the page.

7. The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium

The website looks like an art-deco website with a dentist theme. The site follows less of a focused design. They created a user journey by using black and white.

8. City Gentle Dental

The best example of not doing too much was City Gentle Dental. There are five main sections of the page and each has a minimum amount of information. The information is easy to consume and give the site a professional feel.

9. Hyde Park Dental Care

A green and gray color scheme is used by Hyde Park Dental to draw the user’s attention to the important design elements. They have a page that does quite a bit. They have a contact form, interactive map, introduction video and overview of their services.

10. Hobart Family Dental

The title of “cutest website” went to Hobart Dental. Their website has several big grid sections that make it easy to navigate. A cute family of cartoon teeth and a strong blue and orange color scheme make for a great brand.

We went out of our way to bring you this list. We enjoy web design. Businesses that are doing things well have an impact.

We have a website template for dentists that you can download.

We can help you get an advantage over your competitors by designing your website. Poor website performance and design can cost you money. If you’d like to learn more about how we can build a website to grow your dental practice, please contact us.

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